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hsb-0 Tutón wužiwar nima žane znajomosće hornjoserbšćiny (abo rozumi ju jenož z wulkimi ćežemi).
de-N Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
eo-0 Ĉi tiu uzanto ne komprenas Esperanton, aŭ tre malfacile komprenas.
fr-0 Cet utilisateur n’a aucune connaissance en français (ou le comprend avec de grandes difficultés).
ja-0 この利用者は日本語分かりません (または理解するのがかなり困難です)。
vi-0 Thành viên này hoàn toàn không biết tiếng Việt (hoặc rất khó khăn để hiểu).
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My username is - as you've probably already seen above - Nw520. That's a shorter version of my previous username Naseweis520.

My most active wiki would be Wikidata Favicon color.svg Wikidata. From time to time you can also find me on Wikivoyage favicon.svg Wikivoyage DE, Wikimedia Commons favicon.png Commons and Wikipedia-logo-v2-no-text.svg Wikipedia DE, as well as Openstreetmap logo.svg OpenStreetMap (Wiki).
A special concern of my participation in the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and the OpenStreetMap is to link data between each project in the best possible way.

My projects

  • WikiRsolve Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg (Wikidata Favicon color.svg). A tool for automatically resolving Wikidata entity ids from a given list of search queries.
  • WikiCompare Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg (Wikidata Favicon color.svg). In development.
  • IntertwinedMap GitLab Logo.svg (Openstreetmap logo.svg Wikidata Favicon color.svg Wikimedia Commons favicon.png). In early development. OpenStreetMap-based map with integration of Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

Link collection

Wikivoyage favicon.svg VOY Wikivoyage


Z Wikipedije, swobodneje encyklopedije