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W?FThis Wikimedian opposes rebranding the WMF as Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svgThis user opposes the Wikimedia Foundation's arbitrary, opaque, and dictatorial office-banning of administrators when the community and ArbCom are more than capable of handling the issue themselves.

I've done wrong. I know I did, but I can't erase the past. I can only apologize for what I've done, and hope I could be forgiven some day.

My wish for Christmas would be for either the Ombuds commission or a checkuser to state publicly that the idea of the existence of off-wiki threats is a misconception. I'm not wishing for an unblock because that's more than I can realistically wish for. I just wish for truth. But I don't dare to contact the checkusers myself. The Ombuds commission has been discussing my case since 30 April. As of 16 December 2020, they still are.

@Majora: please don't leave. Majora, you will be missed. Face-sad.svg Thank you for everything you contributed to Commons. Zhuyifei, you know you are missed, but I respect your decision.

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