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LuaWiki – Module with functions for Lua programming in context of a Wiki project.

Functions for templates[žórłowy tekst wobdźěłać]

No direct usage by templates.

Functions for Lua modules (API)[žórłowy tekst wobdźěłać]

Transclusion into own module via require() as follows:

local LuaWiki = require( "Module:LuaWiki" )
if type( LuaWiki ) == "table" then
    LuaWiki.setFrame( frame )
    -- appropriate error management; e.g. message within functions for templates

Thereafter the functions can be accessed; do not forget initialization.

LuaWiki.getArg( arg, assign )
Retrieve template argument
  • argstring or number; argument identifier
  • assign – optional; default value of any type, if not provided in template transclusion
  • Returns: string (ensured) or default value orherwise
If not set in template transclusion and no default value, then: {{{<arg>}}}
LuaWiki.getVariable( seek, numeric )
Retrieve item from wikiVariables; populate if not yet present; see de:Hilfe:Variablen
  • seekstring; name of variable, like "PAGENAME"
  • numericboolean, optional; true: seek is numeric (else string)
  • Returns: string or number
Previous initialization with initVariables accelerates but ist not mandatory.
LuaWiki.initVariables( request )
Initialization of some required variables for acceleration
  • requesttable; selection of variables
    every element either:
    • string; name of variable, like "PAGENAME"
    • table; variable is always returned as numerical value
      • [1] string; name of variable
      • [2] true
  • Returns: none
LuaWiki.isExisting( seek )
Test page existence; like #ifexist
  • seekstring; full page name
  • Returns: boolean
LuaWiki.setFrame( frame )
Initialize frame for this utility by current template environment
  • frameframe object
  • Returns: none
LuaWiki.transclude( s, args )
Save transclusion of a page, or error message
  • sstring; full page name (if namespace not provided Template: will be used)
  • argstable, optional; arguments
  • Returns: string; transclusion or error message if page missing

The initialization is important: On start the frame object of current template environment needs to be set by LuaWiki.setFrame( frame ) – this won’t be checked any more.

General library; no limitations.


Z Wikipedije, swobodneje encyklopedije