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Sources[žórłowy tekst wobdźěłać]

Can you please add more source in your language? Kapeter77 (diskusija) 8. decembra 2019, 21:45 (CET)[Beantworten]

@Kapeter77: Was denkst du, wie viele Belege es über Budapest in sorbischer Sprache gibt? --j.nyča+/- 8. decembra 2019, 23:49 (CET)[Beantworten]
j.nyča Wikipedia is an enciclopedy if you read the rules all articles need to be based on source materials. BUT they don't have to be in the given language. So you can also add English or German sources, of course. Kapeter77 (diskusija) 8. decembra 2019, 23:55 (CET)[Beantworten]
Ah, you know the rules of Sorbian wikipedia? ;) For which information in this very short article of ours you'd like to have more sources? --j.nyča+/- 8. decembra 2019, 23:58 (CET)[Beantworten]
Z Wikipedije, swobodneje encyklopedije