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(pokiw, prašenje serbskich parametrow dla)
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==Parametry serbsce?==
Dobry wječor, ludźo. Mam parametry do serbšćiny přełožić, kaž tež su wužiwarjo w pólskej, finskej a snadź druhej wikipediji činili? - Dokelž tuta předłoha so hižo wužiwa, namjetuju, zo přełožene parametry jenož su alternatiwne warianty jendźelskich. Nimo toho jendźelske parametry přełožk nowych předłohow z druhich wikipedijow wolóžeja. Wutrobny postrow --[[Wužiwar:Tlustulimu|Tlustulimu]] 23:17, 8. dec 2007 (CET)
== Feedback wanted on improvements to Ambox templates on mobile web ==
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'''Feedback wanted on improvements to Ambox templates on mobile web'''
Hey all,
[[mw:Reading/Web|The Readers web team]] is working on [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Reading/Web/Projects/Mobile Page Issues|improving how article message templates appear on the mobile web]]. We are focusing on templates that use this template. Right now these templates appear when you tap the gray link under the article title, making it difficult for readers and editors to know whether there are any important issues with the article they are reading. We're trying to make these message templates more visible by displaying their description on the top of the article. We hope this will increase awareness of these issues for readers and editors alike.
We would like to encourage template editors to add the <code>type</code> and <code>issue</code> parameters to your templates (if they're not already there). The <code>type</code> parameter will allow us to visually distinguish the severity of the issue and use the icon associated with that particular template type. The <code>issue</code> parameter will allow us to display only the summary of the issue on the main page. You may then tap on the issue to see details. This will prevent the issues from taking up too much space on the page and distracting from the rest of the content.
We have [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Reading/Web/Projects/Mobile_Page_Issues|a project page describing what will be improved]]. If you have feedback on these changes [[mw:Talk:Reading/Web/Projects/Mobile_Page_Issues|we'd like to hear from you on the talk page]].
</div> [[m:User:CKoerner (WMF)|CKoerner (WMF)]] ([[m:User talk:CKoerner (WMF)|talk]]) 19. julija 2018, 11:18 (CEST)
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